BMW iX Aventurin red with woman standing

BMW UK are proud to partner with British Vogue on the Forces for Change Initiative for a second year. Forces for Change celebrates the people, organisations, and ideas that are pushing for a more progressive future. See below for content from the partnership as well as from BMW that explores not only the changemakers of today but also a brighter tomorrow.



Rediscovering the unique joy of driving is just one of many things to look forward to as life returns back to normal... but it’s not the first time that we have looked to the open road for escapism. For more than a hundred years, both British Vogue and BMW have been celebrating the perfect liberation that comes from being behind the wheel. Now, as partners on British Vogue’s Forces for Change initiative, these two iconic brands continue to shine a light on the joy of the drive over time.

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BMW Z4 on a cliff side