When it comes to tackling today’s biggest issues, progressive leadership is essential. British Vogue's Forces for Change initiative in partnership with BMW celebrates those who come into their own during times of adversity.

During a year in which we’ve faced fear and uncertainty, the importance of strong leaders has been more pressing than ever. Those who have emerged as progressive leaders are those who collaborate and inspire, empowering everyone towards positive change.

BMW and British Vogue believe in the power of dynamic leadership, which is why they have partnered on the Forces for Change initiative - a powerful celebration of those challenging the status quo and pushing for a better society. From advocates and activists such as Laverne Cox and Adwoa Aboah to world leaders like Jacinda Ardern, each has pioneered new ways to ensure and advance progress.


Faced with a global crisis, Ardern epitomises this modern form of leadership. A great leader challenges expectations, always striving for better. They also inspire, breaking new ground with their words and actions, and refusing to follow the crowd. Balanced with this, though, is a reliability and consistency that instils complete belief.

BMW also believes in the power of collaboration, empowerment and leading by example. As individuals generate positive evolution through great leadership, so too must organisations, and BMW carves its own path by pushing for the best in its business practices and the cars it manufactures. From the Girls Go Technical work experience programme to mental-health workshops for employees and key sustainability initiatives, BMW is committed to actioning positive change by investing in and committing to a better future for everyone.


The best measure of an automotive company’s leadership is ultimately the vehicles it produces. The new BMW 5 Series continues the model’s reputation as a frontrunner. Available with the latest plug-in hybrid technology, it’s packed full of ground-breaking design and cutting-edge technologies such as the Intelligent Personal Assistant, which recognises and responds to your voice and comes as standard.

Also available is the game-changing Head-Up Display, which places speed, navigation information and more in the driver’s field of vision, so you don’t have to move your eyes from the road. It challenges expectations and breaks boundaries, combining performance you can trust with truly inspiring innovation.

In a world where the only way to move forward is through togetherness, innovation and a desire for positive change, belief in better is essential. It’s with great leadership that we can achieve it.


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