BMW is looking to the future of progressive design, image and identity, sustainable luxury and more, as part of BMW UK’s partnership with British Vogue on their Forces for Change initiative.

This year-long editorial campaign focuses on celebrating the people, organisations, and ideas deemed to be forces for positive change across a broad range of areas. It involves content published online and as well as instalments in printed editions of British Vogue. BMW UK and British Vogue will also be present at key events throughout the year related to the partnership.

You can find more information about this exciting partnership here.

The design process of the BMW Vision iNEXT

We began the partnership by exploring our commitment to sustainable design, both on and off the road. Sustainability is a core value, and a key focus for BMW moving forward. 

BMW’s ultimate goal is to have a stable of 25 electrified cars on the road by 2023. From the BMW iX3 through to the exciting BMW iNEXT, which will be enabled for highly automated driving, the future is bright.

BMW Vision iNEXT

The BMW i3 marked the start of an electrified era for BMW in more ways than one. In 2005 we built the Leipzig factory, a bespoke facility partly powered with wind and designed from the ground up to produce new BMW electrified vehicles with a more sustainable production process.

Our Leipzig factory’s environmental credentials extends to the interiors of the vehicles themselves.  The BMW i3’s yarn is spun from natural plant fibres like wool and hemp, its wood paneling is certifiably sustainable, and dozens of plastic bottles are recycled into every car. Talk about serious commitment.

BMW i3

BMW UK and British Vogue’s Forces for Change initiative will cover a range of topics as the months go on, focusing on social issues that are at the heart of what both brands care about.

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