Explore the countless technologies in your BMW.



Explore the countless technologies in your BMW.

Your BMW comes equipped with a multitude of technologies to make every drive as easy, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Unlock the full potential of your BMW by watching our range of explanatory Technology Hub videos.

Comfort Access.

The Comfort Access system puts an end to fumbling for your keys. Whether it's in the pocket of your jeans, jacket, handbag or briefcase, your BMW senses your key from up to 1.5m away. Simply grab the door handle and the door unlocks. When leaving, a touch of the door handle locks your BMW as you walk away.

Comfort Access with smart opener.

Comfort Access also includes a smart opening function for the automatic boot – particularly useful when you have your hands full. Simply passing your foot under the rear bumper triggers a sensor which automatically opens the boot.

Drive Performance Control.

The BMW 7 Series has the new Adaptive Mode technology, where driving modes are adjusted automatically to respond to the driving situation. The car immediately reacts to acceleration, cruise control, steering movements and side indicators. The system interacts with real time navigation data that will initiate an early reaction to cornering, cross-roads and the road type.

Favourite buttons.

Designed to provide additional convenience, the favourite buttons located in the centre of the dashboard are fully programmable, providing access to your most commonly used features at the touch of a single button. Virtually any feature that can be selected using the iDrive can be saved as a favourite, by simply pressing and holding one of the eight favourite buttons.

Gesture Control.

With Gesture Control, drivers can give their car commands without needing to look for the right button. The system uses an infrared camera in the headlining to recognise simple hand gestures, such as swiping or pointing. These commands can be programmed to adjust the volume or skip a music traffic, among a variety of other customisable settings.

iDrive Touch Controller.

Included as part of the latest generation of BMW Professional Navigation, an integrated touch-sensitive pad enables intuitive written character and number entry. Address information or telephone numbers can be written in either upper or lowercase with the touchpad also acting as the scroll function for the interactive map feature.

Intelligent High Beam Assistant.

With Intelligent High Beam Assistant, a camera automatically detects the traffic situation at night and passes the information to the headlights. Oncoming traffic is detected from a distance and the headlights adapt to the light distribution according to the traffic situation. High beam will remain active without glaring any road traffic participants.

Night Vision with light spot.

BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition uses an infrared camera located in the front kidney grille to detect people or animals that are out of reach of the headlights and displays a night view of the road in the control display. Should a potential hazard stray into your path, a warning is immediately displayed in the control display or optional Head-Up Display.

Park Assist.

BMW Park Assist system makes parallel parking as easy as possible. Once activated, your BMW can detect a suitable parking space at up to 20mph and calculate your parking manoeuvre for you. Instructions are displayed on the control display, and when you engage the required gear, your BMW will steer your vehicle into the space whilst you control the accelerator and brake.

Real Time Traffic Information.

Real Time Traffic Information provides up-to-the-minute details on the flow of traffic and any potential delays on your journey. A colour coding system allows you to monitor how the traffic situation is developing. Road networks can be divided into distances as short as 500m, and because the information is automatically updated every three minutes, you can rely on its superior accuracy.

Rear View Camera.

The rear view camera displays a real time view to the rear of your BMW, so you can clearly see what is happening behind you. The camera combines with the rear PDC, to both visually and acoustically alert you to any potential objects or obstructions – particularly useful when parking or during tight manoeuvres.

Remote Services.

Thanks to the My BMW app, you can lock and unlock your BMW and flash its lights to help you spot it in a crowded car park. Peace of mind is just a call away if you don’t have the app available. With one quick secure call to the BMW ConnectedDrive call centre, we can remotely lock or unlock your BMW for you.

Speed Limit Display.

With Speed Limit Display, cameras installed in the rear view mirror are constantly detecting speed limit signs on the road side, whether they are permanent or temporary speed limits. Combining this with information from the navigation system ensures that you always see an accurate speed limit in your instrument panel or Head-Up Display.


Whatever the season, weather and road conditions can change in a flash. But with xDrive, BMW’s intelligent four-wheel drive system, your car responds just as quickly allowing you to enjoy maximum driving pleasure, even on the most difficult road surfaces.