How do I lock and unlock my BMW?

Unlocking your BMW is a simple case of pressing the unlock button at the top of the key fob. You can choose whether to unlock all the doors, or just the driver's door, within the car's settings menu. Similarly, pressing the BMW roundel on the centre of the key fob will lock all the doors, boot and fuel cap and the alarm system will be activated. On selected models, pressing and holding down the lock button will also close the sunroof and any open windows, as well as fold in the wing mirrors. To open the boot lid from outside the car, press the boot lid button at the bottom of the key fob. Holding it down will release the lock and for BMWs equipped with an automatic tailgate, the boot will open. In the unlikely event that neither supplied key fob is working, there's no need to worry. The integrated key can be used to open and lock the car as well as the glove box.

How do I use my key?

Your BMW comes supplied with two key fobs to ensure you always have a spare, but to also allow both you and an additional driver to tailor the car's set-up to your own personal preferences. Each key can store a separate driver profile which saves a number of settings including those for the air conditioning, favourite buttons and navigation system. These are automatically saved to the key fob when the car is locked. So if there are two regular drivers of the car, they can each use separate keys and the in-car settings automatically change according to the key being used. There are a number of preferences available to tailor the locking system in your BMW. You can configure these by selecting Doors/key within the settings menu in the car. These settings can be changed at any time. To add or remove the key from a key ring, it's recommended to first remove the integrated key. Press and hold the button on the back or side of the fob and pull away from you. To replace it, simply insert the key back inside the fob and push close until it clicks.

How do I open and close the bonnet?

Opening the bonnet to access the engine compartment is simple. Just pull twice on the lever to the bottom right of the driver's footwell. A message will appear on the instrument display to let you know the bonnet has been released. Then simply lift the bonnet up from the front of the car. To close, drop the bonnet from a height of approximately 40cm, and then push down to make sure that it's full closed and secure on both sides.

How do I start and stop the engine?

Your BMW includes our Comfort Go system as standard, so there's no need to fumble around with a key to start the engine. So long as the key fob is in the car with you, the ignition can be turned on by simply pressing the Start Stop button once. All systems become operational, but the engine remains off. The ignition and engine is started together by pressing the brake pedal, followed by the Start Stop button. For manual transmission models, simply press the brake pedal whilst engaging the clutch and then press the Start Stop button. To minimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions, your BMW is equipped with an Auto Start Stop function, which automatically switches the engine off when you brake to a stand still such as queuing in traffic or waiting at lights. As soon as you release the brake pedal to move off again, the engine is instantly started. If you would prefer to disable this feature, just press the small button above or adjacent to the Start Stop button. An LED light indicates that Auto Start Stop has been switched off. Simply press the button again to reactivate. There are certain conditions when Auto Start Stop will not turn off the engine, or when it will turn it back on for comfort or safety reasons. Full details of these conditions are listed within the owner's handbook. To fully switch off the engine, keep the brake pedal pressed when stationary and press the Start Stop button. The audio and control displays will remain on. With the appropriate gear selected and handbrake applied, it is now safe to exit the vehicle. The audio and display is then switched off when the car is locked.

How do I use the cockpit controls?

Our BMW designers have not only focused on the style of your car’s interior, but also ensured that frequently used controls are positioned conveniently for the driver. Above the rear view mirror you’ll find the emergency SOS call button and interior reading lights. Below the main central display are the hazard lights together with direct access to the settings for your intelligent driver assistance systems*, or for models without IDAC, the central locking controls to lock or unlock the car from the inside. The centre console, angled towards the driver, houses a number of key functions including the favourite buttons which can be personalised to your most commonly used iDrive features. The volume of the entertainment system can be adjusted or muted and radio stations or music tracks can be selected and skipped. By pressing the mode button, you can toggle through the various entertainment sources, and radio traffic reports can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. For convenience, the climate and interior comfort controls are grouped together. The set temperature can be automatically maintained for you, or the intensity of air flow can be adjusted manually together with the direction of the air distribution. The settings for the driver’s side can be transferred to the passenger’s side using the sync mode. For maximum cooling in hot conditions, the active cooling mode can be selected. There are a number of air circulation modes available. The standard ambient setting draws in air from outside the vehicle. An AUC mode monitors for pollutants outside and automatically shuts them out if detected, whilst the maintained mode completely shuts off the exterior air supply and recirculates the existing air around the cabin. The interior temperature sensor is also located in this area of the centre console.

*Applies to models with IDAC only

How do I find out more about my BMW?

In addition to the printed handbook that is supplied with your BMW, there is an electronic version which contains vehicle-specific information stored within the car’s multimedia system. To access the integrated version, use the iDrive to select ‘My Vehicle’ from the main menu, followed by ‘Owner’s Handbook’. You then have the option to browse by a quick reference, picture search, animations or a detailed A-Z search within the complete owner’s handbook. You can also access the handbook directly from certain functions such as the radio, by either pressing the option button on the iDrive or tilting it to the right to bring up the options menu. Selecting ‘Show Owner’s Handbook’ takes you straight to the relevant section. For safety reasons, the integrated handbook can only be accessed when the vehicle is stationary.

How do I refuel my BMW?

The fuel filler cap is located on the driver's side of the vehicle. To access, first ensure the engine is switched off and the car is unlocked, before lightly pressing the edge of the fuel filler panel to release and open. Turn the fuel tank cap anti-clockwise and pull out to remove. There's a convenient holder for it on the inside of the panel to free up both hands and to avoid any fuel residue harming the paintwork. To close, replace the fuel tank cap and turn clockwise until you hear a reassuring click that it's back in place. Then close the fuel filler panel and secure it with a light push.

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