The Recharge in Nature Fund’ supports locally delivered vital nature restoration, biodiversity and wellbeing initiatives. These initiatives, one in each park, were identified by the Parks based on their unique needs and will enable the National Parks to progress their work faster and with lasting impact in these high priority areas. In 2023, the fund will focus on 5 key initiatives. A further 10 initiatives will be supported throughout the three-year partnership.

'Green Water' in Eryri.

Measuring 3.5 miles long, the glacial Llyn Tegid in Wales is home to a variety of rare and unique species that are important to the local ecosystem and depend on optimal water quality in order to thrive.

This initiative aims to improve natural flood management measures, like hedgerow planting, to reduce and slow down the overland flow of water carrying harmful phosphates into the River Dee, which runs into the lake.

'The Community Engagement Programme' in Dartmoor.

This initiative aims to give children from surrounding urban communities the opportunity to experience the special properties of Dartmoor and to forge a long-lasting connection with nature.

Research shows that if you can connect a child to the natural environment when they’re between the ages of 7 and 11, they are more likely to show sustainable behaviours in later life.*

'Dew Ponds Restoration' in South Downs.

Dew ponds are vital to the lush habitat of the South Downs, but a recent survey suggests as many as 70% of the ponds are in poor condition or have disappeared. We're funding the restoration of and creation of new dew ponds to improve water quality and encourage all manner of species that are vital to the local ecosystem. This will also enrich the experience and enjoyment for local visitors and the pond-dipping school children who visit them.

'Wild Leaders' in The North York Moors.

The Young Rangers is a volunteering scheme for children aged 11-17 in The North York Moors. Right now, there is a critical missing link for those who want to move into adult volunteering. Our ‘Wild Leaders’ programme will encourage young people (aged 17+) from towns and cities surrounding the North York Moors to volunteer in the National Park. The initiative will help promote their physical and mental health, while establishing a group of long-term conservationists for the National Park.

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs.

This initiative will develop a new transport service to run over the peak summer months, aimed at providing more sustainable travel options to the National Park, reducing emissions and pressure on local roads, as well as making popular locations more accessible to visitors who don’t have access to a car.



*Water consumption at mains source reduced at production plants worldwide between 2006 and 2020. Source: BMW Group Report 2022:

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***The BMW Group aim for 50% of global vehicle sales to be fully electric by 2030, just one way in which we are working towards a more sustainable future. Electric vehicles have zero emissions whilst driving. Source: BMW Group Report 2022: