BMW and Sky Media have announced Sky Arts’ biggest-ever sponsorship agreement showcasing the synergies between Sky Arts programming with BMW: Innovation, design, performance and sustainability driven by technology.

Matched to BMW’s innovative vehicles, the Sky Arts channel creates an immersive, cultural experience for a passionate and engaged audience, who value quality and innovation. Reflected in the creative, BMW will speak to its audiences’ broad passions throughout this sponsorship by bringing to life technology stories from the brand’s latest model, the all-electric BMW i7.

Michelle Roberts, Marketing Director, BMW UK, said: “We’re incredibly excited to work with Sky Media to build awareness of the cutting-edge technology at the heart of the latest BMW models. Sky Arts is defined by its original and imaginative programming and there could not have been a more logical fit to showcase the innovation which is built into the BMW i7 and BMW iX."

Stories will showcase a range of the brand’s most innovative technologies including Swarovski crystal headlights that follow the corner of the road, a panoramic glass sunroof that opens to another world, and an automated parking assistant designed to simplify the end of every journey.

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media added: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce Technology from BMW as the sponsor of Sky Arts, showcasing the brand's most innovative technologies such as Swarovski crystal headlights and the new 8K theatre screen inside the 7 Series. This electric partnership will feature across Sky Arts for 12 months linking the best of music, theatre, drama and comedy to the latest technology from the BMW brand”

The ground-breaking BMW i7 also features an ultra-wide 31.3-inch 8K theatre screen for the most immersive rear-seat viewing experience available in any vehicle on the market, allowing passengers to indulge in innovative multisensory entertainment on the move and providing a strong synergy with Sky Arts’ creative programming.

Michelle Roberts, Marketing Director, BMW UK, said: "Featuring the 8K fold-down theatre screen in the rear of the vehicle, the new BMW i7 also provides the perfect opportunity for passengers to be entertained on their journey with Sky Arts programming.”


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