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“Ok Google, talk to BMW 3 Series.”

For the first time, preview the new BMW 3 Series through your Google Assistant-enabled device.

BMW 3 Series Saloon Driving BMW 3 Series Saloon Driving

The new BMW 3 Series is alive with technology, designed to provide a personalised driving experience and connect you like never before. And for the first time, BMW have created a Google Action for Google Assistant-enabled devices that allows you to hear all about the car through voice technology.

BMW 3 Series Saloon Rear 3/4 View BMW 3 Series Saloon Rear 3/4 View

How it works.

The BMW 3 Series Google Action allows you to preview the car from any Google Assistant-enabled device. Easily navigate your way around its design, technology, performance and model options using Google Assistant.

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What’s Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a voice-controlled smart assistant which helps you access information and services across devices including smart phones, laptops, and Google Home.

A few questions answered:

How do I access the BMW 3 Series on Google Assistant?

Simply say:

Ok Google, talk to BMW 3 Series

to your Google Assistant-enabled device. You can also send the service to your device from the Google Assistant site.

You can return to the Google Action at any time by saying to your Google Assistant enable device:

Ok Google, talk to BMW 3 Series

What devices can I access Google Assistant on?

You can access Google Assistant on Google Home, Google’s Pixel Phone, and other Google devices. You can also download the Google Assistant app to Android and Apple devices, including most smart phones.

How do I interact with the service?

When you open a Google Action on your Google Assistant enabled device, the service will ask you questions to guide you through your preview of the car. You can also ask specific questions about the new 3 Series at any time, as well as book a test drive in the new car.

What sorts of questions can I ask about the new 3 Series?

Some of the questions you can ask include:

What colours does the 3 Series come in?

What technology is in the new 3 Series?

What models are available?

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