BMW i3 on its way to Ynyshir


Located on the west coast of Wales near Snowdonia National Park, Chef-owner Gareth Ward and his partner Amelia have created a foodie haven, named Ynyshir restaurant.

This Michelin-starred restaurant can be found in the hills and a few miles from the sea. The road trip there is one that will stay with you long after you’ve left. Once over the Severn Bridge and into the countryside, you soon find yourself winding through charming Welsh landscapes and atmospheric misty roads, before arriving at Gareth’s restaurant.

A great find en route was a brilliant charging point for your BMW i3 at a small cafe called Cletwr; a non-profit organisation set up to bring the community together to safeguard vital facilities and services in this rural area. They have a supercharger and are located a few miles from Ynyshir. What’s more, the cafe is full of fantastic products and baked goods.

On arrival at Ynyshir, you are greeted at a small station with the words “Ingredient led. Flavour driven. Fat fuelled. Meat obsessed.” The perfect mantra to sum up Gareth’s cooking. 

Guests are shown a collection of ingredients that are being used in the menu that day and then an introductory soup is created in front of your eyes, as the perfect taster to the experience you’re about to enjoy.

After that, you are welcomed into the main restaurant, where the open kitchen is in full view of guests and the chefs are busy preparing the first of your thirty courses. Yes, you read that right - thirty courses!

Gareth has been working on these recipes for years and each dish is lovingly prepared with such a high level of detail. He even ages his own meat on-site in a Himalayan Salt Chamber, spending his time preserving seasonal ingredients and creating the most incredible sauces to accompany his dishes. 

The Asian-inspired menu takes you on a culinary journey - with highlights including lobster with green curry sauce, chilli crab with deep fried bun and miso-cured black cod. This is before navigating to the decadent char siu pork, Welsh lamb spare rib, sirloin with Jersey cream, finishing the gastronomic experience with an array of fantastic desserts. It is a menu that really needs to be tasted to be believed and to witness Gareth and his team working away in the kitchen is great entertainment. 

For those looking to stay the night, there are ten bedrooms available for guests and also tipis located in the grounds. Gareth’s partner, Amelia is a trained architect and has created a fantastic moody, yet comforting aesthetic that adds another level to the experience of Ynyshir.  

Interior of rooms at Ynyshir

“A great find en route was a brilliant charging point for your all-electric BMW i3 at a small cafe called Cletwr.”

We The Food Snobs.

BMW i3 on the road front view BMW i3 on the road front view


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