BMW has issued a recall on BMW 1 Series models produced from 2004-2011.  The wiring at the heating and air conditioning blower regulator needs to be inspected and a new part installed.  In some cases it may be necessary to replace the regulator as well.

Why are BMW recalling these cars?

Over time, frictional corrosion can occur at the contacts of the blower regulator due to vibrational stress.  When combined with high current flow at the maximum blower speed, an increase in temperature can occur, which may result in damage to the regulator connection and wiring.  In rare cases this may lead to a fire.

Driving your 2004-2011 1 Series.

Customers can continue to drive their cars whilst awaiting repairs as long as your car exhibits none of the symptoms described below.

• Intermittent or complete loss of airflow from the air conditioning system including the max air conditioning or demist functions
• Smell of scorching / burning within the vehicle cabin
• Smoke within the vehicle cabin from the interior vents

If you are experiencing these symptoms please do not use the car and contact us on freephone 0808 1968815*.

A short video below shows you how to minimise or even avoid the risk of failure on a car fitted with automatic air conditioning.  The ‘max’ and demist buttons should not be used.  Cars fitted with analogue switch manual air conditioning should avoid using maximum fan speeds by adopting the lowest fan setting. This can be done by turning the control anticlockwise. 

Please contact us on the number above if you require guidance.

When will I be contacted?

BMW has already written to all affected customers using contact details derived from DVLA records.    We will continue to contact owners of any car that remains outstanding for this rework.

Owners can check to see if your own car is affected by a recall by using the lookup tool located here:  http://www.bmw.co.uk/recall.  All cars awaiting the blower plug connection recall are already listed within this tool.   You will require your vehicle chassis number, located on a plaque within the driver’s door frame or at the base of the windscreen on the passenger side.  A chassis number is a unique 17 digit identifier for your car.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*Freephone is from most UK landlines and mobiles.  Please check with your service provider for more information.