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What is Intelligent Personal Assistant?

Communicate with your vehicle in a natural way using the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It knows you, gets better every day and helps out whatever the situation. You also can assign your own personal activation word. It can explain everything about your vehicle, enable vehicle functions and helps you to get to know your BMW even better.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • natural voice interaction with the vehicle, either through the activation word „Hey BMW“ or with an individual activation word. No need to activate through the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel.
  • The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant enables various vehicle functions (e.g. Climate control, Lights, Media) and settings (e.g. Experience Modes, Caring Car)
  • The assistant knows the vehicle and can provide information (user manual, check control messages, driving history, vehicle status)
  • It simplifies the destination input of the navigation (e.g. search for restaurants) and entertainment (e.g. music search)

May only be available with additional optional equipment. Availability of BMW ConnectedDrive Services are dependent on vehicle specification, optional equipment and production date. Please ask your local BMW Retailer for more information if required.


Here you can find a selection of possible commands:


How long have I already driven?

What is the remaining distance?

What is my next destination?

When do we get there?

How long before we arrive?

How are traffic conditions?

Take me home

Take me to [POI NAME]

End guidance

Show me the map

Drive to [ADDRESS]

Navigate to the nearest gas station

Show me the nearest charging station

Drive me to the next parking lot

Find a gas station along the route

Set home address

I need a coffee

I am hungry

I need a place to sleep

Show me the range map


Deactivate air conditioning

Activate air conditioning

Stop armrest heating

Activate armrest heating

Deactivate seat ventilation

Start seat ventilation

Automatic air recirculation

I am cold

I am too warm

Deactivate seat heating

Activate seat heating


Back-Massage at level 2

I want to relax

I am tired

Show me the sport displays

Open the user manual

When is the next maintenance?

What is my remaining range?

Is my engine oil level still OK?

Is the tire pressure still appropriate?

Reset on-board computer

How is the level of the AdBlue?

What is the battery status?


show phone book

Call home

Dial Number [Number]

Establish Bluetooth connection


Decrease the volume

Make it louder

What song is this

Turn off the music

I want more bass

I would like to keep listening to my audio book

I like this song


I am bored

What day is it?

Who are you?

What can you do?

What time is it?

I want to change your name

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Set up Speech Assistant

Activate online speech processing

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