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Do you have any advice about securing my vehicle?

We are aware that BMW vehicles, along with those of many other manufacturers, have been targeted by organised criminal operations using highly sophisticated equipment. BMW’s specialist security teams work constantly to design and enhance the best possible vehicle security systems. We also work in partnership with police and other authorities in responding to the latest threats and anticipating new ones.

It’s important for owners of any vehicles to consider steps to reduce the chances of being targeted by criminals.

General security 

Do not leave your vehicle running unattended.  When the vehicle is not running, lock it (at the petrol station, for example).  Open windows and sunroofs left open increase the risk of opportunistic thieves.

Providing your keys in valet parking or at car washes should ideally be avoided – the longer your keys are out of sight, the greater the chances of opportunism.

When Locking your vehicle

Signal jammers can be used to jam the electronic signal from your key fob when locking your vehicle.  It's worth a visual check to make sure your vehicle has locked correctly before walking away.

Clicking lock twice in quick succession on your vehicle can lead to disablement of the motion sensor (a feature that may be useful in the event of being on a car ferry or similar).  So a single lock click in most situations, alongside a check, is the best way of ensuring the vehicle is secure.

At Home.

Keep keys out of view when at home.  

BMW’s keyless entry system, Comfort access, works by the vehicle sensing key proximity.  Customers should consider extra precautions, ideally keeping them at least 2 metres away from any windows or doors.

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