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What is BMW Excess Protection Insurance?

This insurance works alongside your motor, home (buildings and contents) or travel (annual multi-trip) policies and covers the cost of claims excess payments payable by you when you make a claim. There are two levels of cover available to you as follows: Excess Protection for motor policies and Excess protection for motor, home (buildings and contents, including accidental damage) and travel (annual multi-trip) policies. 

You can choose your benefit level of £500 or £1000 for motor only or, £500, £1000 or £1500 for motor, home and travel. Details of the amount of cover are set out in the Confirmation of Cover.  For example, if you take out a motor insurance policy with an excess of £500, you will have to pay this amount when you make a claim under the policy. With BMW Excess Protection Insurance, you can protect yourself against some or all of this excess, depending on the level of cover selected.

IMPORTANT: BMW Excess Protection Insurance does not protect any 'no claims' discount.

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