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Everything you need to know about servicing available for your BMW.

Why service with BMW? Because, we know every part of your car, and have a range of car services designed to suit you. Our trained technicians are experts in your vehicle and ensure BMW Genuine Parts are used in any replacements, meaning you can drive away with peace of mind.

What services do we offer?

BMW Genuine Part

BMW and BMW i Service Inclusive.

A BMW Service Inclusive or BMW i Service Inclusive Package is the perfect BMW Service option for long-term comfort; oil changes, spark plug replacements and new filters are included in your service list – all purchased easily with a one-off payment. Your package also lasts for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, covering your BMW’s servicing requirements. You’ll also benefit from BMW MOT Protect, which covers the parts and labour costs for a broad range of repairs, if you don’t pass your first MOT.

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BMW Genuine Part

BMW Value Service.

BMW Value Service is a menu of service pricing designed specifically for each BMW Model over three years old. You can select exactly which parts of your vehicle you want serviced or simply have the whole car inspected. At the end of any work, your vehicle’s new parts will have a two-year fitted warranty, only available with BMW Genuine Parts. We will also update your BMW service history so you know exactly when your BMW needs its next service.

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Speed dials


After three years on the road, your BMW will be approaching its first MOT check, an inspection you will need to have yearly from this point. With complimentary BMW MOT Protect, you can take your vehicle to a BMW Service Centre for a 150-point inspection, completed by an expert BMW Technician, before you go for your MOT to ensure you pass with minimum fuss.

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Speed dials

BMW Fast Lane service.

A BMW Fast Lane service only takes 90 minutes or less, meaning you’re not off the road for any longer than you need to be. Enjoy the wait and catch up on news or entertainment via the complimentary Wi-fi, or take it easy and enjoy a free coffee. If you’re looking for your next BMW, you could even take the opportunity to enjoy a test drive while you wait.

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Air conditioning controls

Air conditioning service.

The air conditioning in your BMW does more work than you might think – keeping the interior cool or warm throughout the year is just one part. Your vehicle also filters pollen, dust from the road and harmful fumes. A BMW Recharge or Refresh, carried out by one of our expert technicians, is the best way to maintain the health of your car and ensure the air conditioning system is functioning how it should be.

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Airport and sky

Service While You Fly.

Out of the country for two days or two weeks? We can help you with your car errands whilst you’re away. With the BMW airport car service ‘Service While You Fly’ we will service your car while you’re away and have it ready in time for your arrival. A BMW team member will collect your car from the airport on your departure and will ensure it is waiting for you when you arrive back to the terminal. An added bonus? It’s cheaper and more secure than leaving it a long-term parking facility.

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If your BMW is due a service, you can book online using the dealer locator below.

Simply enter your postcode and select your preferred BMW Centre. You will be asked for your vehicle registration and its mileage to see prices and options before confirming your appointment.



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Use the BMW registration and mileage look-up tool to find out if you have a service package on your BMW. This may lead to specific services due on your vehicle being free of charge.

Look up your servicing information

Intelligent maintenance/Condition Based Servicing (CBS).

The intelligent maintenance system Condition Based Servicing (CBS) permanently monitors a myriad of factors, including oil levels and the degree of wear on individual components of your BMW. It also checks the time/mileage recommendations for fixed services and analyses this data to tell you when your next service is due. Data can be checked at a glance on your car’s Info Display in the dashboard, which automatically gives you four weeks notice when a fixed service is imminent. If a more urgent issue is found with an individual component, the ConnectedDrive system will give you more exact information on what needs a check, and provide advice on any changes to driving style that may be required to help protect against further damage.


Question: How do I know what service my BMW needs?

Answer: Your BMW has a range of icons to let you know what needs servicing. You can also use the BMW registration and mileage look-up tool to find out your car’s service history and what type of service is required.

Question: What do the icons on my BMW dash mean?

Answer: You can find out what your dash icons mean by visiting the BMW registration and mileage look-up tool's symbol guide.

Question: Why service with BMW?

Answer: Only we can service your car the way it deserves. Trained technicians, genuine parts and insider knowledge means your car is in the safest hands possible. With BMW Approved Bodyshops, you know the work will be of the high standard that you’ve come to expect from BMW, and  at cost lower than you might think.

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