To Be Held
by Ronan Mckenzie

BMW x Carl Freedman Gallery Collaboration

BMW is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Carl Freedman Gallery, which will be exhibiting 'To Be Held,' curated by Ronan Mckenzie. The exhibition runs for eight weeks from 30 April to 25 June 2023 in the Carl Freedman Gallery Margate, which was founded in 2019, and is open to the public for free every Wednesday to Sunday.

London-born multidisciplinary artist, Ronan Mckenzie, envisions a space at the gallery that embodies the essence of what it means "to see and be seen, to be enveloped by an environment that encourages one to feel and be felt, to find solace in the assurance of acceptance, and to depart by choice, when one decides."


Mckenzie's curation brings together 19 artists, 15 from the UK and four from the US, and three furniture designers, offering them the opportunity to connect with new audiences. In partnership with this curation, the luxurious materials from the BMW i7 are incorporated into the gallery space, enhancing the exhibition experience.

Ahead of the gallery opening, acclaimed English-Pakistani photographer Tami Aftab shot Ronan Mckenzie alongside the BMW i7 at the Carl Freedman Gallery in Margate, capturing all the key elements of the collaboration.


A special episode of Talk Art has been recorded where hosts Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, along with Ronan Mckenzie, guide listeners through a curated tour of the exhibition. 

Mckenzie says, “Both BMW and my foundations have developed instinctively through the attention to tactility and texture, fabrication, sound, and an interest in activating multiple senses to shape emotional responses and experiences.” The podcast also features Corinna Exner, BMW Group UI/UX Designer, who designed My Mode in the BMW i7. 

The Talk Art podcast can be listened to in full on major podcast platforms (Spotify | Apple). 



The recently launched all-electric BMW i7 plays a pivotal role in this collaboration, showcasing innovative design, cutting-edge technology and offering a luxurious and comfortable setting, a central theme for the exhibition. Cashmere textiles from the BMW i7 interior seats will be incorporated into the exhibition space. 


The exhibition runs for eight weeks from 30 April to 25 June 2023 and is open to the public for free every Wednesday to Sunday. For further information, please click here.