As the world and the automotive industry evolves, so does the way BMW journey through it. With an impressive range of Plug-in Hybrid and all-Electric vehicles, BMW have committed to offering drivers low emission vehicles that don’t compromise on BMW style. BMW Plug-in Hybrids strike the perfect balance between petrol and electric, with an internal combustion engine and electric motor so you don’t have to choose between them, whilst BMW i models deliver entirely electric power through BMW eDrive technology. To showcase these models, we’ve given six content creators the chance to switch to BMW Plug-in Hybrid or Electric vehicles and experience how they seamlessly incorporate into their busy lives.

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BMW have armed six content creators with their very own Plug-in Hybrid or Electric car and challenged them to explore the cars capabilities and features over an exciting four-week period. Each content creator will keep their followers up to date with their adventures through their social media channels to show that BMW Plug-in Hybrid and Electric vehicles don’t compromise on anything, from style to practicalities, fitting effortlessly into modern lifestyles.
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Paul Ainsworth

Paul, who won the ‘Best Chef’ category at the GQ Food & Drink awards in 2018, is renowned British chef. He has celebrated two prestigious wins at The Cateys for ‘Restaurateur of the Year - Independent’ and the ‘Chef Award’ before appearing on BBC2’s Great British Menu in 2011, winning the south west regional heat. Paul is already a Friend of the Brand and will be incorporating the BMW i3 into his Padstow Town House delivery service for the next month. Click below to find out more about the BMW i3 Paul will be driving.

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Jack Anstey

Jack is a freelance photographer who took to Instagram back in 2015 and has gained a captivated followering since. The subject of much of his photography is nature and the world around him, capturing stunning landscapes and sharing them with the world via social media. Jack will be taking the BMW i3 to his next locations to shoot his latest work. Click below to find out more about the BMW i3 Jack will be driving.

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Fleur De Force

Fleur is one of the most successful beauty and fashion influencers in the UK. She started making videos on YouTube in September 2009, and has been building her global audience ever since. Fleur is a two-time winner Cosmopolitan’s ‘Best Vlogger’ Award, has released two beauty, fashion and food guides, and has launched exclusive ranges of beauty products. She’ll will be driving the X1 xDrive25e M Sport over the coming month and expects it to fit seamlessly into her family life. Click below to find out more about the BMW X1 xDrive25e M Sport Fleur will be driving.

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Aston Merrygold

Aston found fame on The X Factor back in 2008 as part of JLS, one of Britain’s biggest ever boy bands. He went on to sell out multiple arenas, scored five number one singles, as has sold over 10 million records worldwide. Entering the next stage of his career, Aston’s launched his solo career, starred in Strictly Come Dancing, sell out theatre productions and numerous other achievements! More recently Aston welcomed his second son earlier this year. Aston will be driving the 330e M Sport Saloon for the next four weeks, no doubt to the envy of his former bandmates.

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Spencer Owen

Spencer is a YouTube personality, known as Spencer FC and famed for his FIFA video content. He is also the founder and owner of semi-pro football team, Hashtag United. The club filmed its exhibition matches which quickly gained a significant online following. Hashtag United subsequently entered the league system at the beginning of the 2018–19 season, joining the Eastern Counties League. Spencer will be driving the 530e M Sport Saloon for 4 weeks whilst he continues to film his YouTube content and manage his team. Click below to find out more about the BMW 530e Spencer will be driving.

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Nicki Shields

Nicki is a renowned TV presenter, journalist, live events host and YouTuber. She is also one of the biggest petrol heads out there, regularly hosting BBC’s FIA Formula E Championship as well as other automotive shows including ITV’s ‘Goodwood Festival of Speed’ show and ITV’s ‘Goodwood Revival’ show, just to name a few. As well as having a penchant for petrol, Nicki is proud to be a Science Communicator, holding a degree in Biological and Zoological Sciences and investigates a number of environmental issues including sustainability, electric cars, and global warming. She is already a Friend of the Brand, and is currently the owner of a BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport. Click below to find out more about Nicki’s X5 xDrive45e M Sport.

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