Winter in the UK is a tricky thing, as you are never sure if it’s going to snow or, when it does come, how long it’s going to hang around. But in actual fact, on average there are 15.6 days a year when snow actually settles on the ground in the UK. So, despite it being unpredictable, it’s still worth being prepared and ready to go – lock, stock and emergency shovel.

In the event of snow, an emergency kit can be extremely useful. It is a selection of tools that can help in various situations, from needing to remove snow from under your tyres to contacting roadside assistance. Click here to find more items for your winter emergency kit.


Icy branch


Tow rope

A shovel

Wellington Boots

A hazard warning triangle

De-icing equipment

First aid kit

A working torch

A car blanket

Warm clothes

Emergency rations

Mobile phone / charger

Snowy scenes Snowy scenes



BMW has a couple of emergency services to help BMW drivers – BMW Roadside Assistance and BMW Assist (SOS service). BMW Roadside Assistance is valid on all new BMW cars purchased from a UK Authorised BMW Centre for three years from the original date of vehicle registration. There’s no mileage limitation. BMW Approved Used Cars are eligible for 12 months cover, from the day of purchase. BMW Assist (SOS Service) is a button that exist within certain BMWs. It is located near the top of the front windscreen and, when activated, will put you in direct contact with a BMW emergency operator.

For vehicle recovery, roadside assistance and specialist help, call us on 0800 777 111, free of charge. We’re here 24 hours a day, every day.


Parked cars covered in snow Parked cars covered in snow


Give your BMW the attention it deserves with a BMW Service.