BMW handed over the keys to the new BMW Z4 prototype to a select group of car publications and asked for their expert opinions. Here is what they had to say about BMW’s latest sports car.



Alongside the new BMW Z4’s enhanced steering, which was described as “almost spookily responsive”, Gareth Evans from Car Magazine was impressed with the new driving modes, Sport and Sport +.

“In Sport the steering feels a lot quicker – a result of the reduction of bodyroll plus the ability to vary damping front to rear - and the minute you lift off the throttle with any steering angle the back end twitches, tightening the Z4’s line… Stepping up to Sport+ sees the Z4 really come into its own. That rear end wants to swing fully into a corner, the front offering accurate communication of events under its tyres and biting hard.”

He also added, “Two things became apparent: the ride quality is good in all drive modes and the body control excellent. There’s an almost imperceptible soft-top shimmy if you hit a bump mid-corner, just to remind you this is an open car, but we felt a huge amount of confidence in the way the Z4 behaved at speed.”

BMW Z4 Prototype Front 3/4 View


The team from AutoExpress summed up this third generation Z4 by comparing it to some of the competition, while also commenting on its new look and feel.

“In short the new BMW Z4 goes hard, makes a better noise than a flat four Porsche 718 Boxster, is much more entertaining in its handling, steering and body control than before while maintaining a genuinely decent ride quality. And, to these eyes, it looks the business as well,”

And with respect to the refreshed design: “…trust us, we’ve seen the production car undisguised now and it looks pretty tasty… it is much more aggressively styled than the previous Z4, and much better looking as a result”

BMW Z4 face


James Attwood from AUTOCAR was also impressed by the driving modes, which he gave a thorough workout on the Miramas handling circuit.

“Switch to Sport mode and things step up a gear substantially … the engine becomes more responsive, each gear is held longer and the sound coming from the twin exhausts becomes more sonorous. That makes the driving experience more involved and rewarding, the M40i responding well to being pushed,” James commented.

BMW Z4 Prototype Rear 3/4 View

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