BMW M has developed two new driving display and control capabilities – the Setup button and M Mode Buttons – and by doing so has added an extra layer of personalisation and optimisation to its high-performance sports cars.

The Setup button can be used to adjust the vehicle settings, while M Mode allows the displays and driver assistance systems to be tuned to the driver’s requirements.

These new enhancements will be included for the first time in the new BMW M8 Competition Coupé and BMW M8 Competition Convertible.  


The new Setup button on the centre console enables direct access to all available setup options for five vehicle parameters.

Pressing the button brings up a Setup menu in the Control Display, which offers an overview of the vehicle settings currently engaged. The driver can then activate their desired mode for the engine, suspension, steering, brakes and M xDrive – in a single step in each case – via the touchscreen or the iDrive Controller.

Drivers can now set engine characteristics, such as EFFICIENT, SPORT and SPORT PLUS, chassis variants, as well as the settings for the M specific steering, M xDrive all-wheel-drive system, and the new M braking system.

Two setups can be stored permanently, including engine sound, gearshift characteristics, driving stability control and Auto Start Stop function.



In addition to the Setup button, the new BMW M8 also allows the gearshift characteristics of the eight-speed Steptronic transmission to be adjusted using the Drivelogic button and the engine sound to be varied via a separate button on the centre console.

The M Mode button can be used to alter the responses of the driver assistance systems and the screens in the all-digital instrument cluster and Head-Up Display. M Mode also allows the driver to activate ROAD and SPORT modes, while the new BMW M8 Competition Coupé and BMW M8 Competition Convertible also come with a TRACK setting.

BMW M8 Competition Coupe in action


In this setting, all the standard and optional driver assistance systems are fully activated. A simple press of the M Mode button engages the SPORT setting, in which the active driver assistance systems only transmit alerts on speed limits and overtaking restrictions. The driver also benefits from M View in both the instrument cluster and the Head-Up Display. Here, only relevant information for sporty driving.

TRACK mode.

An extended press of the M Mode button engages TRACK mode. This is available in Competition models and is exclusively for use on race circuits. It allows drivers to experience an ultra-pure, racing-car-inspired distillation of the M feeling. the audio system and Control Display are both switched off in order to focus the driver’s attention, while also switching the instrument cluster and Head-Up Display to M View.



Available on the new M8 range, the new braking system brings together the brake activation, brake booster and braking control functions within a compact module.

This integrated braking system reduces weight and employs a vacuum-free brake booster to enhance efficiency. The brake pressure required is triggered by an electric actuator, which allows it to be generated more dynamically and also ensures significantly faster and more precise interventions from the driving stability control system.

The integrated braking system also does an excellent job of allowing vehicle deceleration to be geared precisely to the driver’s requirements and of generating sublime pedal feel in any situation.

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