Production of the new BMW 7 Series Saloon has now begun at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing.  It will be the first time that BMW produces a plug-in hybrid with a six-cylinder engine. In the BMW 745e / 745Le a 286hp six-cylinder inline engine will be combined with a 113hp electric engine, deivering a total output of 394 hp. What’s more, the new BMW 7 Series is the first BMW Group vehicle with a fourth-generation battery. 

New BMW 7 Series production.


Since production of the first 7 Series began in 1977, more than 1.9 million BMW 7 Series cars have been built in Dingolfing.

“The BMW 7 Series has defined our identity at this site for over 40 years. We are proud that BMW’s top model, the new BMW 7 Series Saloon, will also be built here in Dingolfing. Our goal as the brand’s primary plant for the luxury class is to ensure that every vehicle our experienced and competent team puts on the roads guarantees excellent quality,” says Ilka Horstmeier, Director of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. 

New BMW 7 Series production assisted digitally.


The production process for Dingolfing’s top model is supported by a range of innovative solutions. For example, when special and less common equipment parts are ordered, like the rear centre console, employees in the corresponding production area are pre-warned via vibrating smartwatches, which then supplies the relevant instructions.

Data glasses are also used in training new staff. When learning new work steps, virtual assistance is projected into the employee’s field of vision. This enables rapid, sustainable learning in pre-assembly of complex components like the rear light. This augmented-reality application is used at assembly training centres and constantly refined. Digitalisation is now well embedded in the production cycle and making further inroads throughout the wider operation, from assembly supplies to transportation of goods.

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