Over 50 employees have become members of a working group called Minds Matter, which is just one of a number of new employee working groups. The mission is to drive cultural change surrounding mental health, specifically the stigma associated with it, while also exploring ways to enhance the support provided for employees.


The Minds Matter team recently teamed up with the independent charity BEN to help promote Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 May – 19 May. The week-long event explored the five ways of wellbeing, with each day dedicated to a specific theme. The event also featured Mindfulness sessions, which were led by the team from BEN.

BEN promote and support mental, physical, social and financial health and wellbeing for all those who have worked in the automotive industry, including their family members.  For more information about BEN and the support they offer, please visit their website here.


The impact of mental health issues within the workforce is now better understood and therefore becoming a greater concern for businesses throughout the UK. Here are some revealing facts:

  • One quarter of adults in the UK are affected by mental health challenges every year
  • 77% of all employees in the UK report to have suffered with a mental health issue in their lifetime
  • Each year, 15 million absence days are a result of stress, anxiety and depression

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