Keeping your BMW clean is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your car remains as beautiful as ever. There are certain types of dirt that can do lasting damage to its paintwork, and particular ways of cleaning that can help make sure it remains in perfect condition. Find the full range of BMW Car Cleaning products here.

While cleaning keeps your car looking healthy, there are a few things you need to do to make sure it’s in good condition beneath the surface. Read our lockdown car maintenance advice here.

Below you will find a few useful tips to keep your BMW looking pristine.

BMW cleaning products

Clean your car regularly.

You should try to wash your car every one to two weeks where possible with a good car shampoo. Keeping on top of it means that you’re regularly removing substances that may cause damage to the paintwork.

As well as your regular wash, your car deserves a real spa day every once in a while. If you have a bit of spare time, why not spend it making sure that every inch of your BMW is showroom fresh with a polish and sealing wax.

Remove bird lime quickly.

Don’t just wait for wash day to remove bird lime. Bird lime on your car's paintwork should be removed as soon as possible with warm water and car shampoo to avoid causing damage to the finish. Be careful as bird lime can contain sand or grit which will damage the paintwork if rubbed.

Don’t clean your car while the sun is shining.

It’s best not to wash your car in strong sunlight or high heat, so try to wash it either early or late in the day if the sun is out. Heat evaporates water and shampoo quickly and can leave water marks and streaky lines, as well as meaning you may miss patches of shampoo.

Use the right shampoo. Your car is worth it.

A high quality purpose-made car shampoo such as the BMW car shampoo will clean and protect your paintwork. Avoid using washing up liquids, as some contain abrasive agents that may scratch your car. Also be careful not to use any abrasive substances or sponges as these can scratch your car too.

BMW wheel

Clean wheels are crucial.

BMW have an approved wheel cleaning product that is perfect for getting your alloy wheels looking brand new again. Brake dust can be difficult to remove, but abrasive or acidic cleaners can damage aluminium. A proper acid-free wheel cleaner is tough on brake dust, yet gentle on your wheels.

There are also specialist cleaners for your car’s other surfaces like glass, interior plastics, exterior trims and more. Find them all here.

Leave no edge uncleaned.

Using a BMW window cleaner on the inside and outside of the glass will help you to tackle any stubborn dirt and ensure a streak-free finish.

Don’t forget the top of the window; when you’ve finished with the hose, drop your windows a few inches to make sure you get the whole window looking shiny.

Use a chamois.

Always dry your car after washing to avoid water marks drying onto the car. Make sure you use a soft non-abrasive cloth or chamois to avoid scratching your paintwork.

Polish and seal to protect your perfect finish.

After, and only after, you’ve cleaned your car it’s a good idea to give it a polish with a BMW car polish. Then you should use a sealing spray to maintain the paint’s sealed barrier. You can tell if your paintwork is still properly protected if water on the surface still forms nice round drops.

The key is in the detailing.

Now that your car is clean on the outside, you can turn your attention to the cabin. It’s especially important for allergy sufferers to keep the interior spick and span. Use a soft paintbrush to dust out all those awkward nooks in the car to make sure it is dust-free. You can get specialist car cleaning brushes here.

BMW 1 Series interior dashboard view

Be careful what you polish.

When you’re polishing your interior panels, avoid the steering wheel, pedals and gear knob. Applying polish to these vital components can cause them to be slippery when you drive your car again.

For soft top owners.

As you might expect, a soft top requires a little bit of special treatment to keep it looking at its best. Everyday grime like tree resin and insects are not good for a soft top and should be removed as soon as possible.

So, it is important to keep your soft top as clean as you can. Regular washing helps with this, and a proper soft top cleaner makes life with your convertible easier, as well as making sure your top remains pristine. It’s also important that the top is dry before you fold it down.

Always refer to the Owner’s manual for further advice / guidance.

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