As part of this year’s Frieze London Art Fair, BMW is commissioning Paris-based artist Camille Blatrix for the BMW Open Work 2019. Exploring the concept of desire and also BMW technology, Blatrix’s work will premiere on October 2019.

This is the third consecutive year that BMW and Frieze have joined forces to create the BMW Open Work. This initiative aims to bring together art, technology and design in a pioneering multi-platform format. Blatrix has chosen to work with BMW Individual, BMW Group’s department specialized in car customisation.

Blatrix said,“My practice is deeply rooted in a close dialogue with makers and suppliers, with ideas emerging intuitively from a direct technical conversation. Thanks to BMW Individual, I can harness unparalleled technical knowledge, skills and facilities in a truly open-ended way. I’m excited to explore possibilities of production and consider limits of physical perfection working towards the commission at Frieze London.”

BMW Open Work.

Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini since its inception in 2017, BMW Open Work gives artists the opportunity to push the boundaries of their artistic work, utilising technology and design to pursue practice in innovate new directions.

For its first iteration, artist Olivia Erlanger integrated motion-sensitive sculpture, audio and immersive fog in her work “Body Electric”; while in 2018, Sam Lewitt engaged with BMW intellectual property and engine production to reimagine the manufacturing cycle as an engine in “CORE (the Work)”.

About Frieze.

Founded in 1991 by Matthew Slotover and Amanda Sharp, Frieze is a platform for modern and contemporary art. Frieze comprises three magazines - frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week - and three international art fairs - Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze New York. Additionally, Frieze organizes a program of special courses and lectures in London and abroad through the Frieze Academy.

2019 Open Work.

BMW Open Work is a joint creative endeavour launched in 2017 that brings together art and technology in pioneering multi-platform formats.

In 2019, BMW has worked with Paris-based artist Camille Blatrix, whose work has been displayed at Palais de Tokyo, Paris and the Sculpture Center, New York. Exploring themes of physical perfection and production techniques, Blatix has decided to use BMW individual as a focal point for his work, making the most of BMW Group’s vast skills and craftmanship with regards to customisation.

Fattori Franchini said: “At its third year, BMW Open Work has developed into a unique encounter between industrial knowledge, technology, and artistic thought. Working with such a talented practitioner as Camille Blatrix is an exciting privilege. I can’t wait to see how his interest in the emotional possibilities of functional objects produces new and uncanny relationships through working with BMW.”

Sam Lewitt.

In 2018, New York-based artist Sam Lewitt presented his work in the BMW Lounge as well as in the VIP Car Service at Frieze London. With this, BMW also took the opportunity to showcase their new luxury sports car: The 8. Those who enjoyed the luxury of entering the BMW Lounge had the chance to explore the new elegant racer surrounded by Sam Lewitt’s inspired installations.


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