BMW Concept X7 BMW Concept X7


The impressive size of the BMW Concept X7 makes it impossible to miss on arrival. However, the imposing scale is underpinned by a slimline design which leads the eye to an interior packed with technology and built for luxury.

BMW Concept X7 Rear 3/4 View BMW Concept X7 Rear 3/4 View

A grand presence.

Starting from the front, the classic BMW double kidney grille and large air intakes give way to the elegant and flowing lines that slope over the panoramic glass roof, ultimately leading to the taut and narrow rear. Exaggerated contours accentuate the muscular proportions and continue the feeling of grandeur and dynamism the car was designed for.

BMW Concept X7 Interior BMW Concept X7 Interior

Pure luxury.

As to be expected, the BMW Concept X7 exudes comfort and opulence. The large spacious cabin with its handcrafted leather seats, intuitive console and panelling is finished in the highest quality materials. Generously dimensioned windows provide a feeling of openness which invites the outside in. Finishing off the cabin is the interactive and atmospheric lighting concept which adds to the luxurious character.

BMW Concept X7 Interior Screens BMW Concept X7 Interior Screens

Highly technical.

Strides in connectivity mean passengers in the BMW Concept X7 can stay in touch with the outside world and with each other’s individual screens. One exceptional highlight: the transfer of messages is displayed by interacting strips of light that move through the interior from back to front along the doors.

The BMW X7
The BMW X7



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