Every January, the world looks to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas for a glimpse into the future. In 2020, BMW used this global stage to show off its new BMW i Interaction EASE, the impressive BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger and the new BMW i3 Urban Suite. The big idea was to #ChangeYourPerception.


With its abstract design and modern ambience, the BMW i Interaction EASE at the BMW Stand was hard to miss. This installation brought to life the amazing possibilities of the BMW i interior space, allowing visitors to experience the aesthetics and interactivity that will be expected of autonomous driving. The first round of the BMW i Interaction EASE features will become reality in the BMW iNEXT. 

“The BMW i Interaction EASE demonstrates what mobility might feel like in the future once autonomous driving becomes commonplace: luxurious, human, and intuitive” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “Passengers start their journey with the feeling of having already arrived.”

Image of woman sitting in the BMW i Interaction EASE

A perfect example of this is the next-generation innovation is the new gaze detection system. The BMW i’s artificial intelligence detects a passenger's fixed gaze on an external object and will then offer relevant information on it or other ways to interact with it. Complementing this is the ultra-wide Panorama Head-Up Display; it provides a digital layer of information over the real-world view and acts as­ an immersive augmented-reality user interface. 

Image of woman using the BMW i Interaction EASE


BMW i Interaction EASE offers an intelligent combination of operating modes – Explore, Entertain and Ease.

EXPLORE MODE: Using the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and AR technology, passengers can explore the surrounding area with the help of superimposed information on the display.

ENTERTAIN MODE: To create the perfect atmosphere, windows on the sides are darkened to obscure the world beyond, while theatre-like ambient lighting is activated. For the actual viewing experience, the Panorama Head-Up Display turns into your screen and can be used for watching movies.

EASE MODE: Transform your vehicle’s interior into a calm and relaxing space by simply activating the zero-gravity seat position. It feels like you’re floating. To complement this, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant darkens the Panorama Head-Up Display, turns side window surfaces opaque, sets soothing ambient lighting, and plays harmonious sounds.

Image of women using the BMW i Interaction EASE


Another major innovation unveiled at CES 2020 was the BMW Natural Interaction. In this demonstration, the new form of interactivity was found within the BMW seats, which featured three-dimensional knitted surface with embedded smart materials. By simply touching this material, it allows a new form of in-car control. Complementing this was BMW’s smart-glass functionality, which gave the choice of either transparency or opaque (conceal) settings.

Hand touching the BMW Natural Interaction


Another highlight from CES was the updated BMW X7 model, which revealed the new luxurious ZeroG Lounger. This new way of relaxing while out on the road allows passengers to tilt the seat back by up to 60 degrees while still being able to enjoy the usual creature comforts and without affecting any safety measures. Cool features include cocoon airbag providing wraparound protection, in-car entertainment programme on a screen built into the headliner and a smartphone holder with an inductive charging facility. This seat of the future will actually be ready for series production vehicles in a similar form in just a few years.

Woman sitting in the BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger


Seven years after first introducing itself to the world, the BMW i3 was brought to CES, but this time in the form of the BMW i3 Urban Suite. Its purpose was to showcase how modern mobility can be tailored entirely to individual needs.

To this end, series production BMW i3 cars underwent a complete transformation – with only the driver’s seat and the dashboard left untouched – to recreate the ambience of a boutique hotel. The sophisticated yet minimal design approach featured a lounge chair, touch-control lamp with ambient lighting effect, clothes hanger for jackets and coats, two thermoelectric cup holders, and a special Sound Zone for extra privacy. 

Interior of BMW i3 Urban Suite


The relationship between smart devices and cars has never been so relevant, which is why the BMW i3 Urban Suite has explored its role within the driving experience. Passengers can now do more than just connect their iPhone – now they can mirror their mobile device’s content to the flip-down overhead screen and then work on the screen. Another new form of connectivity is the Amazon Fire TV capabilities. The BMW i3 Urban Suite featured rear-seat entertainment with on-demand access to vast content catalogs and voice control via Alexa.

Woman using screens inside BMW i3 Urban Suite

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