The new BMW Points programme, which rewards Plug-in Hybrid* drivers for every mile driven in pure electric, has officially launched across the UK. The collected BMW points can be converted into a credit that can be redeemed at BMW Charging public charging stations when charging your high voltage battery.

"With the innovative bonus programme BMW Points we combine our technology competence in electromobility and digitisation in order to make sustained mobility even more attractive for the drivers of BMW Plug-in Hybrid Models", explains Pieter Nota, member of the BMW AG Management Board, responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales.

This new initiative rewards BMW drivers by crediting two BMW points for every electric mile, with double points (4) available in areas defined as BMW eDrive zones. The programme currently offers this scheme with the BMW 330e, BMW 530e,  BMW 545e, BMW 745e, BMW X3 30e (produced from August 2021) and BMW X5 45e, which all come with Operating System 7.0.

Front three-quart profile shot of BMW X5 45e.


BMW Points can be collected automatically while driving using an individual BMW ConnectedDrive account that is integrated in the My BMW App.

In addition to points accrued through each mile driven, drivers can also get bonus points. BMW awards 20 bonus points every time your vehicle is charged for a minimum of 15 minutes; with a bonus of 500 points for drivers who charge their vehicle 20 times within a month for at least 15 minutes each time.

Converting points into a credit balance is possible when a certain point score has been achieved. This means that 3,200 BMW Points will equal a credit of £10. For 7,500 BMW Points, £25 will be credited, and for 14,500 BMW Points you get £50. These bonus points may be used at public charging posts for charging the high-voltage battery via the digital service BMW Charging.


BMW vehicle parked in eDrive zone.


Designated areas known as eDrive zones, made possible with state-of-the-art geo-fencing technology, recognise when your BMW Plug-in Hybrid enters the zone and automatically changes your vehicle to a purely electric operating mode. As of launch, there are eight eDrive zones – London, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast.

Find out more about BMW eDrive Zones here.



* BMW Points is available for technically eligible (not all) BMW Plug-in Hybrid models. Ask your retailer for details. Participation also requires a BMW Connected Drive account & My BMW app. UK residents. Redemption of points at BMW charging stations requires a BMW Charging contract. Points cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. Terms and conditions apply.



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