As the world’s first automobile manufacturer to join the new independent platform, BMW Group is proud to partner with the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI). Launched in March 2018 by the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, the platform's aim is to improve measures, transparency and awareness relating to ship recycling. This also represents BMW’s commitment to a more sustainable way of working throughout its entire global organisation.  

Sea logistics greatly affect BMW’s multifaceted and complex network, from transporting vehicle parts to plants to distributing finished vehicles to customers. Anita Pieper, responsible for Vehicle Distribution at the BMW Group, emphasised that "Sustainable awareness and transparency are guiding principles for the BMW Group’s actions. We demand the same from our partners in our worldwide distribution and transport network." 

About the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative.
The SRTI adopts a voluntary market-driven approach to sustainable ship recycling practices. As an online platform, it promotes exchange of information on ship recycling practices and guidelines, and helps ensure greater transparency in the maritime sector. The Initiative takes the interests of all its members into account in its efforts to find joint solutions and establish a new standard for responsible ship recycling. 

Recycling at the BMW Group.
The BMW Group has always developed sustainable recycling processes within the company – especially in the area of vehicle recycling. To gradually increase recycling rates, the company tests recycling concepts for new kinds of vehicle components on an ongoing basis at its Recycling and Dismantling Centre. The BMW Group also works with research institutes and suppliers to further implementation of new recycling technologies. With its "design for recycling" principle, the company aims to ensure that components can be returned to the material cycle wherever possible at the end of a vehicle's lifecycle. 

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