The new BMW i8 Roadster was recently launched in Valencia and, as part of the unveiling, a handful of journalists and car enthusiasts were given the opportunity to test drive it and then share their thoughts. Here is what they had to say.



“The convertible version of the hybrid coupé has some clever improvements and is still enormous fun to drive.”

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BMW i8 Roadster side view


“… the i8 has made the transformation from coupé to roadster remarkably well, and remains a very desirable package. It does the electric stuff better than ever, the looks are strikingly athletic, and the aesthetics still retains an intriguing hint of the futuristic, it will certainly turn heads…”

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BMW i8 Roadster rear


“the i8 is one of those rare cars that delivers an experience unlike anything else out there.”

“We love the i8 anyway, because of its ability to change personality to suit the circumstance: sports blaster when the chance arises, subtle fuel-sipping hybrid when cruising, pure-electric commuter. The Roadster adds another angle when the weather’s kind, but still insulates you when it isn’t.”

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BMW i8 Roadster aerial view


“BMW’s i8 Roadster occupies a unique place in the sports car sector, with no genuine rivals able to compete with its electrified powertrain.

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BMW i8 Roadster interior


“The electric hybrid combination just works… the car feels exciting to drive, even when you are in full electric”.

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