The brand-new subscription programme exclusively for BMW Owners that love their cars just as much as we do. 

BMW First sets a new standard for car care. The programme is designed to offer peace of mind by taking care of many of the little expenses that come with car ownership in a convenient way.

Proudly promoted on the side of the current BMW British Touring Cars, BMW First is still in development and we are excited to keep you up to date and announce every part of the plan as it comes to life. The programme will offer expert assistance with the day-to-day maintenance of your car, with things like seasonal health checks, wiper blades and bulbs likely to be included in the plan. 

BMW First at BTCC

What we do know, is that BMW First will ensure that owning a BMW has never been simpler and it doesn’t just apply to brand new models. Any BMW owner is welcome to subscribe, because we think all BMWs deserve to be maintained to the highest level.

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