Is driving in electric mode cheaper than driving with traditional fuel?

If your regular journey is within the electric range and you are able to regularly charge your car, then on a cost per mile basis, a plug-in hybrid can be significantly cheaper to run than an equivalent petrol or diesel car.

Are there any other cost savings with owning a plug-in hybrid?

Low CO₂ emissions of our plug-in hybrid range ensure that impressive savings can be made on your annual road tax or Benefit In Kind (BIK) company car tax.

Is there a way of driving a plug-in hybrid that is more cost-effective? 

BMW's intelligent Hybrid Eco Pro Mode seamlessly switches between the petrol engine and electric motor to give you the most efficient fuel economy.

How much will it cost to charge my plug-in hybrid at home?

After any initial set-up costs, like the BMW i Wallbox Connect, the cost of charging a BMW Plug-in Hybrid 330e for example would cost around £1.72, depending on your home energy tariff and model.

Is there a way of knowing how much my daily trip costs?

BMW has created the Test Every Drive service so that you can find out the approximate savings you could be making on your regular journeys.

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