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Using Amazon Alexa with your BMW.

Amazon Alexa can be used with your BMW in multiple ways, be that within your vehicle or while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

BMW 5 Series Saloon Interior

Amazon Alexa Car Integration.

“Alexa, what´s in the news?” or “Alexa, add tea to the shopping list.”

With Amazon Alexa Car Integration you have seamless access to Amazon’s cloud-based voice service Alexa. Activate the service using the voice button on the steering wheel and then say “Alexa” followed by your question or command. With Amazon Alexa, you can check the weather, play your favorite song, add entries to your calendar, control smart home devices**, and access tens of thousands of Alexa skills.

Alexa will not only respond to your questions, you will also be provided with visual feedback on the Control Display of your vehicle.

* Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of , Inc. or it’s affiliates.
** Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology.

Amazon Alexa and BMW Connected on an iPhone Amazon Alexa and BMW Connected on an iPhone

What do Connected Voice Services offer?

With Connected Voice Services, featuring online speech processing and Amazon Alexa Car Integration, your BMW will understand you better than ever before. Use natural voice commands to control a host of vehicle functions, dictate emails while you are at the wheel and interact with Amazon Alexa in the vehicle just like you would at home.  

• Perfect voice recognition thanks to online speech processing.
• Easily control many vehicle functions with natural voice commands.
• Interact with Amazon Alexa in your BMW just like you would at home.

In your home - BMW Connected Skill.

With Alexa and the BMW Connected skill you can manage your schedule by asking when you should leave for your next trip. Check your battery charge status and time remaining until fully-charged on BMW i and i Performance vehicles. Start your journey in comfort by switching on the climate control in advance. Remotely unlock your car using a PIN, or keep it secured by locking the doors without lifting a finger. You can also visualize select commands sent to your BMW in the Alexa app.

The BMW Connected skill is optimised for 2014 BMW models and later.

Technical Requirements.

  • Compatible vehicle
  • The new My BMW App
  • BMW ConnectedDrive Services
  • Vehicle added to ConnectedDrive Account
  • Amazon Account
  • Smartphone must always be connected to vehicle
  • Compatible smartphone with active mobile data
  • Mobile data connection of smartphone needed for streaming services