As the world and the automotive industry evolves, so does the way BMW journey through it. With an impressive range of Plug-in Hybrid and all-Electric vehicles, BMW have committed to offering drivers low emission vehicles that don’t compromise on BMW style. BMW Plug-in Hybrids strike the perfect balance between petrol and electric, with an internal combustion engine and electric motor so you don’t have to choose between them, whilst BMW i models deliver entirely electric power through BMW eDrive technology. To showcase these models, we’ve given six content creators the chance to switch to BMW Plug-in Hybrid or Electric vehicles and experience how they seamlessly incorporate into their busy lives.

5 Series Touring


BMW have armed six content creators with their very own Plug-in Hybrid or Electric car and challenged them to explore the cars capabilities and features over an exciting four-week period. Each content creator will keep their followers up to date with their adventures through their social media channels to show that BMW Plug-in Hybrid and Electric vehicles don’t compromise on anything, from style to practicalities, fitting effortlessly into modern lifestyles.
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