Nabihah Iqbal – Sound of the Night.

The BMW Nightride has entered into its next round, this time with the BMW M240i xDrive Coupé in London. The film is accompanied by an exclusive new track from musician and producer Nabihah Iqbal. The track celebrates the exhilarating feeling of experiencing her home city of London in the new BMW 2 Series Coupé. We joined her on the trip to get to know her a little better.

Driving and listening to music is an unbeatable combination. It’s a special feeling for Nabihah Iqbal, one that everyone knows and can identify with. A feeling that unleashes countless emotions, allowing you to experience freedom and a sense of adventure. 

Nabihah taps into all these emotions in her track for BMW Nightride London because she has a firm belief: True joy comes when you fully engage in the moment.  


And Nabihah’s track is indeed anticipation in musical form; calm to begin with and slowly growing in intensity. Just as the pounding of your heart grows in intensity every time you tap the accelerator. This not only suits the vibrant city of London, but also the dynamic BMW 2 Series Coupé. 


Nabihah Iqbal and her work are one thing above all else: multifaceted. She brings together the most remote corners of the earth in her work and creates an eclectic harmony. Nabihah is a musician, producer, DJ and radio show host. The music she creates moves between electronic beats and live instruments, whether it’s the guitar or sitar. Twice a month, Nabihah takes off on an exploratory journey around the globe for London radio station NTS to experience different cultures and traditions through music.  

But it’s not only her musical style that is varied. A range of interdisciplinary projects also forms part of her work, especially in the field of art. She has already collaborated with the Chinese artist Zhang Ding, was commissioned by the Tate Gallery to compose music for the Turner Prize, was part of a group performance as part of a Basquiat retrospective and explored the relationship between artificial intelligence and music with a visual artist who is also a quantum physicist. 


Nabihah, the child of Pakistani parents, was born and raised in the heart of London and was constantly surrounded by cultural diversity. Her parents encouraged her musical talent early on, but college preceded her music career. Nabihah attained a BA in History and Ethnomusicology as well as a postgraduate MPhil focused on South African history before completing a law conversion degree. Alongside her studies, she became more and more intensively involved with music and today it is at the heart of her life.  

Nabihah is now an artist in residence at the Somerset House cultural institution. This classicist building from the 18th century is home to artists, designers, and thinkers who work and experiment together under one roof. Nabihah is currently recording her second album there.  

THE 2.

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